Nick’s heart stops as he’s cut from the wreckage! (VIDEO)

As David stirs to life he’s horrified to see Nick’s bloodied body trapped in the mangled car. Instantly flooded with remorse he begs Nick not to die as the lorry driver dials 999. Calling Leanne, David reveals they’ve been involved in a crash while the fire brigade work to cut Nick free from the wreckage. Finally in the ambulance, it’s unclear whether Nick will make it and when his heart stops David’s at breaking point, terrfied that his revenge cost his brother his life.
When Lloyd overhears Mandy wondering whether his complacency over Jenna’s lowly job stems from his own lack of ambition he’s left stewing about her ‘snobbery’.

Rob’s seething as he accuses Peter of stirring things between him and Tracy, making more digs about Peter living off Carla which is clearly starting to get to Peter. As their feud deepens both men find it hard to mend the fractures in their personal relationships.

Also, Tina tries to keep a lid on her emotions as she asks after Jake. Seemingly together she agrees to visit some time, but alone with Tommy and Rita it’s clear the strain is taking its toll on Tina.