As everyone gathers round Nick, Roy wants to call an ambulance, but making out his attack was brought on by stress, Nick leaves. Leanne and Kal feel terrible, but when Nick reveals to David that he faked his seizure to make them feel guilty David’s appalled. When Leanne then offers to put the divorce on hold if the stress is causing his seizures Nick doesn’t even consider coming clean about his dirty tricks.

In the kebab shop, Kirk furtively hides the engagement ring in Beth’s kebab. But when she chucks her kebab in the bin claiming she needs to lose weight, Kirk panics and desperately tries to retrieve the ring before she walks out.

Gail looks to the future with Michael and announces that the pair are now an item. But her family can’t bring themselves to be happy for them just yet.

Also, Ken tries to convince a reluctant Deirdre to set off on their caravan holiday.