Gennie’s got a new job! Great! That’s just what she wanted! And Nicky’s told her he loves her. Wow! So why doesn’t she feel excited and happy? Why is she quietly pleased when Nikhil stands up to his mother and why is she snappy with Nicky when he has a dig at Nikhil? She doesn’t know why. She just knows she’s not happy to be leaving the factory.

Andy’s in that difficult place again: he’s got to tell Alicia about Debbie’s new plan – a plan that means they still have to make a baby. Of course, if he didn’t agree to go along with it then he wouldn’t have anything to worry about (on the Alicia front, anyway). But Andy does agree to it because he wants Sarah to live just as much as Debbie does.

Laurel’s agreed to renew her vows with Ashley because she’s determined to move on from her fling with Marlon. But Marlon’s not ready to move on and Ashley’s not sure he can. Laurel’s not the wife Ashley thought she was and he doesn’t know if he wants a woman who clearly wanted another man.