Nicola and Jimmy are forced to talk

Jimmy and Nicola are finally forced to talk things through at Mill Cottage. Jimmy wants a part in the baby’s upbringing so Nicola demands recompense for the baby things she’s had to buy. Jimmy warns Nicola that he won’t be used as a cash machine, but she stands her ground and she thinks that they’ve come to an agreement. Nicola is infuriated when Jimmy later turns up with a legal document to confirm his rights as a prospective father and she throws him out, vowing to have nothing more to do with him.

Mark takes Cain aside at The Woolpack and offers him a one-off payment to keep quiet about Faye. Cain smugly forces Mark to double his offer then agrees to keep his mouth shut. Natasha sees the exchange and Mark lies that he’s giving Cain compo money for the assault to stop him going to the police.

Katie apologises to Lee for seeing her with Nathan, but he’s surprised that she’s still unsure whether to trust Nathan. Lee lets on to Nathan that Katie has reservations about him when Nathan tries to wind him up. Nathan sacks Lee, but Lee refuses to grovel for his job back. Katie is disapproving when she finds out what Nathan has done.