Well, it was only a matter of time before Nicola and Jimmy’s fighting over Angelica ended in tears. But it’s Angelica who’s crying! Jimmy’s secretly looking after his little girl when Rodney’s supposed to be on child-minding duty and he takes his Angel to the swings – where she falls and cuts her head! That means a trip to hospital and a confession to Nicola. But they’re united in their concern as they wait for the doctor to tell them how badly hurt Angelica is.

Nikhil’s pride is hurt when he gets back from picking up his new car and finds Charity making herself at home behind his desk – and doing rather well with their clients. Then, in front of the factory workers, she jokes about his lack of success with women. Nikhil’s heard enough. The factory isn’t big enough for the both of them and Jai has to choose: Nikhil or Charity.

Alicia’s fired up for a fight, too. Leyla wonders what Justin would say if he knew his son was being taken out of school for a trip to Spain and Alicia warns her to keep her mouth shut. But Andy’s not happy about taking Jacob to Spain without Justin knowing…

*Second episode*

Phew! Angelica’s going to be OK. Nicola and Jimmy are so relieved they’re not even fighting! In fact, Nicola seems willing to let Jimmy see more of his little girl. Well, that is until Brenda opens her big mouth about how Rodney has been letting Jimmy see Angelica behind Nicola’s back. Nice one, Brenda! So, the fight’s back on: Jimmy can’t see Angelica. But Nicola reveals to Laurel that it isn’t just anger she feels for Jimmy – there’s still love there, too.

Leyla has a whole lot of love for Jacob – and that’s the problem. Alicia knows that but, still, she’s persuaded to leave Jacob in Emmerdale with Leyla and David while she and Andy go to Spain to see what opportunities are there for them. That means, though, that there’s an opportunity for Leyla to get closer to Jacob and David is very worried when Leyla tells him that Jacob’s better off with her anyway. Uh-oh.

There’s trouble brewing in the toffee factory, too. Lizzie has her eye on Holly, so to speak, and is quick to remind Laurel about how Holly did drugs while she babysat Gabby.