Truth’s out! Nicola confronts Rakesh about the Mill fire (VIDEO)

There's a showdown as Nicola finds out Rakesh deliberately started the fire which almost took her life…

Determined to find out how she got a lump sum in compensation for the Mill fire despite the claim having been rejected by the insurance company, Nicola confronts Rakesha and Priya. Having fobbed her off, Rakesh warns Ronnie to keep schtum but, later, Ronnie does the exact opposite and instead visits Nicola and offloads the terrible truth!

How will Nicola react to learn Rakesh almost took her life?

When Kasim calls Finn and asks if he and Nathan fancy a drink, Finn’s thrown. He accepts, and decides to pay Nathan to pretend to be his boyfriend in the vain hope Kasim will get jealous and take him back.

Aaron’s fed up about the amount of time Robert’s spending with his ex-lover, Rebecca, on work matters. When Chas has a motherly word about jealousy, suggesting her son talks to his fiance about his insecurities, will Aaron act on her advice?


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