Nicola continues to play games

While Steve and Bridget suspect Nicola is faking amnesia to worm her way back into the Parker’s hearts, Miranda is blinded by guilt and just wants to bring Nicola back into the family fold which Bridget fears will lead to disaster. Steve tries to persuade Nicola to return to Sydney to be with her mum but Nicola isn’t having any of it and breaks down in tears in front of Miranda. Steve realises he must go behind Miranda’s back to stop Nicola getting her way. Steve’s suspicions are confirmed when Nicola plays him and Miranda against each another but Miranda refuses to face the truth and sides with her sister.

Ty is in a dilemma about what to do with Rachel’s ring from Angus and can’t decide whether to return it or throw it away, aware that either decision would upset Rachel. Ty ends up returning it to Rachel, but immediately regrets his actions and Declan doesn’t provide much encouragement. Ty takes out his frustrations out on Rachel causing their relationship to stall before it’s even begun.

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