Nicola and Dan lock lips – again!

Nicola and Dan just don't seem to be able to keep their hands off each other

It’s Nicola’s right arm and leg that are still very much in need of physical therapy, but it’s her lips that got a work-out with Dan – again. He turned to Nicola for comfort when a woman died during his first volunteer shift in a care home and partner Kerry was too wrapped up in her own world to notice he needed some TLC. But someone does notice Nicola and Dan together…Jimmy’s son, Elliot.

Paddy wanted to get together with Rhona. She sat down with him to talk but Paddy got the wrong end of the stick and moved in for a kiss. But Rhona gave him the kiss-off, saying there is no going back for them. Paddy later apologised to Pierce for making a move on Rhona. That was decent of him…wasn’t it? It looked like Pierce thought so until he was alone – and then Pierce’s twisted feelings were revealed, as he crushed the glass he held in his hand.

Laurel needed Ashley to be very hands-on with her during their family emergency: she was having their baby and he was the only help she had. And, despite his dementia, Ashley stepped up and helped bring their child into the world; a daughter they named Dottie.