Phelan thanks his mate for supplying documents on Nicola Rubinstein, but she overhears him. Flustered he explains that he thinks he knew her parents. Nicola arranges a meeting between him and her dad in a park. But when Phelan realises the bench he’s sitting on is a memorial to Nicola’s dead parents, he wonders what she’s playing at. Back at the yard Nicola rifles through Phelan’s papers. What is the link between them?

As Eva lays her cards on the table, Aidan’s left to choose between the two women in his life.

Gina tearfully admits to Sally she’s received a letter from her husband ending their marriage.

Via video call, Jude breaks the news to Mary that he and his family are staying in South Africa. Chesney warns Daniel that if he uses his recent collapse to try to gain Sinead’s sympathy, he’ll shop him to the police. Will Daniel listen? Robert is appalled when Rich demands Robert uses the Bistro to launder money for him.