Nicola is double-crossed by Belle

Belle is bullied by Nicola, who is desperate to get a new story out of Rodney, but Belle doesn’t take kindly to Nicola’s tone. Belle visits Rodney and he tells her a story, but she informs him that Nicola has been pushing her to get a story from him. Belle reports back to Nicola and hints that Rodney may be on to her. A panicky Nicola tells David that she may be busted, but she sends the story to the publisher, anyway.

Doug is taken aback when Brenda snaps at him, but a cheeky Gennie tells him that Brenda is always off-hand with men that she likes. Doug spots an opportunity and he spends the day helping out Brenda in the cafe, but he oversteps the mark when he asks her out on a date and Laurel tells him off for making a play for yet another woman.

Jasmine is excited about her article about the disastrous village show making headlines in the Courier, but she is crestfallen when she picks up the paper. Instead, the drama of the hostage situation at Home Farm has made the front page and she feels that she has missed out yet again.