Having had a huge row with Jimmy, after finding him in a hotel room with Bernice, Nicola has had enough and demanded a divorce! As word of their marital problems spreads round the village, Nicola walks in on Kerry, Brenda and Tracy gossiping about her in the cafe. After Kerry tells Nicola she started the problem when she kissed Dan, Nicola receives a further blow when Jimmy informs her he’s going away to give her space.

With Belle having announced she’s moving to the States with Bailey, who’s been offered a job in Boston, the Dingles busily plot to stop her from leaving. Lisa returns from a visit to Granny Clegg’s and is greeted by the news. The mum is devastated.

Finn finds out Kasim, who he saved from the Emmerdale car smash, has been discharged from hospital, and is miserable as he has no idea how to get hold of the stranger.