David confronts Nicola when she gets home late after visiting Donald and demands to know why she can’t just divorce her husband and take him for half of his fortune. Nicola explains that Donald had the brain haemorrhage on their wedding night and the marriage was never consummated. David is horrified when Nicola reveals that she may have to bed Donald to make the marriage official!

Jimmy decides to visit his dad’s grave, but he is suspicious when he discovers that a fresh grave has been dug next to Tom’s and he heads home to tell Matthew. The brothers realise that the grave is meant for Rosemary and Matthew storms over to the pub to confront a smirking Grayson. As New Year arrives, Matthew and Gray end up in a fight and Matthew vows never to let Rosemary be buried near Tom.

Lexi and Chas spend New Year’s Eve in the pub, but they moan about the lack of decent men in the village and make a pact to stay single for the time being. But when Ross walks into the pub the two girls both start to flirt and it seems they’ll break their pact before the clock strikes midnight!

Also, Paul wonders if he really wants to leave Emmerdale.