Nicola manipulates David

David prepares for a showdown with Nicola, but when Nicola realises the game is nearly up she tearfully �confesses� to David before he can confront her. Nicola reveals that Donald�s son Miles is an alcoholic and he won�t inherit if he�s not on the wagon at the time of Donald�s death. Nicola convinces David that they will both lose out if Miles inherits the business and she suggests that David makes sure that Miles is still on the booze!

Jamie is chuffed after securing the group booking for the B&B but he realises that he�s made a big mistake when the booking turns out to be a rowdy stag party! Louise is horrified when a stripper saunters into the B&B and cuffs Jamie as part of her routine. Terry storms in and Jamie has to grovel for making a mistake.

Paddy struggles to run the vet�s in Rosemary�s absence and he�s also worried about what may have happened to her. Paddy confronts Gray and he�s shocked when Gray insists that he couldn�t care less where his mother has gone. Gray gets angry when Paddy suggests they list Rosemary as a missing person.

Also, Viv downgrades her book launch plans and decides to have it at the village hall.