Nicola has an audacious plan for Gary in her bid to take down Phelan

Nicola tells Gary to ask for a job on the mill site

Nicola is suspicious when Phelan won’t talk about having a look round the mill site with Eileen and tells Gary he should try and get a job there. Meanwhile Faye tells Tim that she wants to move away as she can’t bear seeing Phelan every day.

Toyah feels guilty as Peter discusses starting work on the nursery. Discovering from Shona that Eva has gone to the abortion clinic Toyah follows her there saying she wants to support her. But Eva is shocked when Toyah rveals her real motives for being there…

Kate returns after her trip away and is shocked to see how low Alya is. Everyone decides to get behind the charity boxing match. But will this be awkward for Rana and Kate?

Roy is concerned about how tired Carla is and says that it is time to bring her family into the loop. Meanwhile Carla offers to help fund the building work on the factory.

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