Karl is furious with Nicola for betraying him, but Susan tells him the only way to get Nicola to tell her the truth is to win her around. Karl is uncertain he can control his anger towards Nicola but nevertheless, he makes a concerted effort to see her side of it. Convinced that the hospital is more likely to overlook a misdemeanour from Karl than her, Nicola refuses to withdraw her claim that it was Karl who ordered Pete’s unauthorised blood test.

Lucas steps up his campaign to sabotage Dan’s life. He begins to make inroads as his influence on the younger members of the football team grows, with the boys impressed at his plan to get an advantage over the Dingoes upcoming opponents. But when Lucas’ plans causes Ringo to miss Dan’s counselling session, Dan warns him not to interfere with his professional responsibilities.

Carmella and Ringo continue to bond as Ringo helps Carmella emerge from her grief over Marco. Suspicious of their growing closeness, Rebeca questions Carmella, leading her to suspect that Ringo’s feelings towards her may be more than just friendly, and she pushes him away. Later, after realising she made a mistake, Carmella apologises to Ringo, and their friendship is back on track.