Miranda lays into Nicola who tries to make up for her actions. But Miranda is uninterested in her apology and they end up having an argument. Unfortunately it results in Nicola blurting out that Miranda was not in love with Steve, but with someone else when she accepted his marriage proposal.

Steve is devastated to learn about the long buried secret and tries to get Miranda to talk about it but she refuses. And when Nicola won’t divulge any more details, he takes her spare key and kicks her out. Meanwhile, Bridget tells her mum that Nicola is a snake and admits to Declan that Riley got together with Nicola.

Libby has all but given up on Lucas calling when she sees he’s left an invitation to an art exhibition on her car windshield. Libby decides to take him up on his invite, but worries she has been stood up twice when Lucas isn’t there. But when Libby discovers Lucas is a featured artist, she finds him shyly hiding out in the back and the pair share a successful date.

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