Nicola takes desperate action

Steve puts more pressure on Nicola when he arranges for her to see an amnesia specialist. As Nicola’s world begins to unravel, her mental state deteriorates and in one desperate, irrational moment, she takes drastic action to eliminate Steve from her life.

Donna’s cheerleaders find an unlikely coach in Elle Robinson and Rebecca pitches in with designs for the girls’ outfits. But when the girls do their performance in front of the team, Steve is unenthusiastic and tells Elle that the cheerleaders will just distract the boys. But Elle argues her case and Steve is forced to back down. But Donna soon begins to have doubts about whether she can appear in public in a hot cheerleading outfit. Can Elle talk her round?

Meanwhile, Donna receives news that her dad is on the run in Tasmania, which leaves her shaken, but supportive Elle helps her concentrate on her own life and future on Ramsay Street.

Also, Declan and Ringo’s rivalry reaches new heights when Ringo is named as Acting Captain of the Dingoes, which leaves Declan furious and resentful.

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