Jimmy was petrified about what Nicola would do when she found out that he had secretly been spending time with baby Carl. But rather than hit the roof, Nicola has been surprisingly sensitive to Jimmy’s feelings after witnessing the bond between father and son – especially as the boy’s mother, Juliette, has got Jimmy to sign away his rights to be part of her son’s life! Nicola and Jimmy are disappointed when lawyer Rakesh reveals they have no legal rights over the boy, but when Juliette arrives at Mill Cottage to give Jimmy the chance to say goodbye to Carl, Nicola decides that desperate times call for desperate measures!

Ross is back in the village and up to his old tricks by dealing with stolen cars. Debbie doesn’t want anything to do with it and sends him away. Meanwhile, when Charity meets a client, Shirley, for a meeting, she notices Ross surveying Shirley’s posh car. But just when the two women are on the verge of securing a deal, Shirley’s horrified to find her car’s been stolen. Furious, Charity confronts Ross…

In the aftermath of Kirin’s house party, Vanessa’s pleased to hear that his friends all approve of her, but what do her friends make of him?!