Nicola takes Elliot under her wing

Who would have thought that chicken pox would bring Nicola and Elliot closer together? Well, Jimmy thought it might – and it has! Sharing a sickness has created a healthier relationship between Nicola and her stepson. For all her faults, Nicola is a devoted mum and she couldn’t suppress her maternal instincts when Elliot needed her. And now that they’ve bonded over pox marks and lotion, Jimmy hopes they can share a future.

Brenda is desperately trying to bond with Amy, but it’s as if Amy’s got a non-stick surface. No matter what Brenda tries to get on Amy’s good side, it just slides right off her. Pollard wants Amy to make more of an effort with Brenda so she agrees to a shopping trip. But before they’ve even left the village Amy makes it clear to Brenda that this does not mean they’re friends. Ouch! That hurts Brenda. But she still refuses to give up.

Belle’s hurting, too. Her father doesn’t want to see her and her boyfriend, Sean, can’t take his eyes off Ruby. She blames Ruby for this and gets an almighty shock when Sean confesses that Ruby didn’t kiss him – he kissed her! Belle kicks Sean into touch and cries on Lisa’s shoulder. But the young girl really wants Zak…