Nicola thinks Carl is hiding Jimmy

Jimmy’s been gone for days now and Nicola’s worried sick. He can be a bit slow sometimes, but his delivery run shouldn’t have taken this long. So where is he? Carl thinks his brother might be playing away, especially after a woman phones the office asking for Jimmy and hangs up when Carl asks who she is. He knows her… he just doesn’t know he knows her – yet.

Carl doesn’t tell Nicola about the call and, not knowing what else to do, Nicola reports Jimmy missing. But she hasn’t finished with Carl. She’s convinced he knows more than he’s telling her and, fed up with her accusations, Carl tells Nicola he does think Jimmy’s having an affair and he wouldn’t blame him at all if he has left her. Guess he was fresh out of tea and sympathy, then.

Lisa, however, does have a heart and she worries when Lizzie signs up for overtime with Derek. She doesn’t want her friend hurt the way she was, but what can she do?

After all the hurt Henshall caused the villagers, all Katie can do is apologise. And perhaps she should steer clear of men for a while.