Nicola tries to finish what she started

Miranda confronts Nicola, who denies poisoning Steve. Meanwhile, Nicola tries to convince Toadie that her memory is slowly returning, but he isn’t buying it. Desperate to save her husband, Miranda plays along with Nicola’s claim that Steve took something to making himself sick. But she rifles through Nicola’s bag and finds a box, which she gives to the hospital to check out.

Angry at herself for not seeing through her sister’s act, Miranda vows that once Steve wakes up and helps expose Nicola, she’ll rot in jail. But Nicola hasn’t finished with Steve yet and she makes a sudden appearance at his bedside and leaves him fighting for his life.

Carmella is unenthusiastic when Donna suggests throwing a party for Elle’s birthday, and Donna learns that Elle is virtually friendless with the notable exception of Lucas. Sparks fly between Lucas and Elle, with Lucas winding Elle up about her decision to buy a dodgy vintage car, with Elle too proud to ask him to help her out with it. Finally Elle plucks up the courage to ask Lucas out on a date.

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