Nicola wants to call the wedding off!

Aaron’s not the only gay in the village! Nicola’s brother Paul breezes back into Emmerdale for Nicola’s wedding but his sister’s in such a panic about her court appearance that she wants to call the wedding off. After all she has put Jimmy through, is the wedding rehearsal the closest he’s going to get to being married?

If Nicola has her way, Jimmy won’t be in court with her, either. She’s terrified about what tomorrow may bring and doesn’t want anyone to see it. Desperate, Jimmy tries one more time to talk to Viv. Will she finally show some compassion? Remember, this woman is colder than her shop freezers…

Auntie Gennie thinks she knows how to help gay nephew Aaron (no, not the same way she helped Bob end his marriage)… She thinks Aaron needs advice from an older, wiser gay man – called Paul. But Aaron is unnerved by Paul’s sudden interest in him and gives him a piece of his teenage mind. Sadly for Aaron, Jackson hears him at his worst. Seems the poor boy just opens his mouth to put his foot in it…

Meanwhile, Marlon is keen to keep Rhona around, so he suggests Paddy makes her a partner. Sneaky move, Marlon!

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