Nicola’s baby drama

Bernice is having a party, but Nicola’s not really in the mood because she’s got other things on her mind. The reason why she seems so distracted is soon revealed when she admits that she’s bleeding… After being rushed to hospital, Bernice is on hand to support her sister when Nicola receives the devastating news that she’s lost the baby. Nicola’s in bits and can’t face the thought of telling anyone what’s happened – and that includes her husband Jimmy!

As the Sharmas celebrate her engagement to Jai, Megan can’t stop thinking about Rachel. She knows that her fiance paid someone to get Archie back, but is struggling with the fact that he never asked where his baby’s mum might be. Later, Charity tells Megan that she will end up being hurt by Jai just like she was. Can Megan trust Jai, or have Charity’s words given her food for thought?

Kate tells Belle that she knows what she’s going through and encourages her to take a job at the stable, but it’s clear that the teenager is still struggling when ‘Gemma’ returns to taunt her…