Nicola’s baby is on the way!

Nicola is indignant when she discovers that Jimmy has told the Wylde’s she’s started her maternity leave and she marches into work despite Jimmy’s protests. Nicola is fed up of everyone’s fussing and she orders Jimmy to go home. After work, Rodney turns up at Jimmy’s request to make sure Nicola is OK. Nicola is furious and locks herself in the shop to keep Rodney out but she goes into labour and is unable to get out when her keys fall down the back of the counter.

Brenda and Viv continue to rub each other up the wrong way at the cafe. Bob tells Viv that they can’t afford to buy out Brenda so she’ll just have to lump it. Viv overhears Brenda telling Bob that she hasn’t worked up the courage to tell Terry that she’s bankrupt and she takes it upon herself to tell Terry, who is stunned. Brenda is mortified when she realises that Terry knows everything.

Val is determined to win Pollard back by righting every wrong she’s ever committed. Val tells Pollard that she’s a changed woman and although he and Diane are cynical, Pollard can’t help but soften towards his wife.

Also, Faye is pleased when Ryan and Nathan continue to befriend each other.

* Second episode 8pm*

Nicola is trapped in the shop in the throes of labour. Rodney realises that Nicola is in trouble and gets Cain to help him break down the door. Rodney rushes a terrified Nicola to hospital with Lexi by her side. Jimmy supports Nicola through the labour but ends up with a bloody nose when Nicola lashes out during a contraction. Nicola gives birth to a premature baby girl, who is rushed to an incubator.

Terry reassures a relieved Brenda that they will sort out their money worries together. Brenda tells Terry that she feels like a liability and it’s best if she let him get on with his own life but Terry reassures her that she means more to him than money and he won’t let her walk out on him.

Mark is frustrated when he sees that Nathan and Ryan getting on well and he makes Nathan stay late at the shop sorting out the bust door to stop him socialising with Ryan. Mark confronts Faye about encouraging Ryan and Nathan’s friendship but she insists that Ryan should know his brother. Ryan finds Mark with Faye and tells Mark that he’ll keep his ‘dirty secret’ from Nathan, little realising what the secret really is.

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