Looking after kids is far from child’s play, as Nicola finds out… Because of her attack on the nursery teacher, the village is left with no child-minding facility. Laurel volunteers to look after some of the kids and persuades Nicola to help – but soon wishes she hadn’t. Nicola sees Viv’s daughter Cathy try to bite Angelica, so she bites Cathy! Laurel’s shocked and even Nicola is horrified by her own actions. Neither of them says anything to Bob when he picks up Cathy but Viv sees the mark and wants to know who bit her daughter…

Ryan bares his teeth at Nathan… He hears that his half-brother tried to apologise to Faye for his attack on her and charges straight up to Home Farm. Declan walks in on Ryan reading Nathan the riot act and seems amused by the family feud. Will he take sides or stay out of it?

At Butler’s Farm, the Adam and Eve story that could have happened is, instead, becoming the John and Eve affair… Farmer John has always fancied himself and now Eve is keen to join his admiration society. She shamelessly flirts with John, who doesn’t quite know what to do. Run, John; don’t let Eve bite your apple!

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