The Parker family are rocked to the core by the return of Pete Ferguson who breaks into the vet clinic. Desperate to be welcomed back to the family fold, Nicola reassures the Parkers she will take care of Pete. After he is admitted to hospital for bad lacerations, Nicola withholds his pain medication in an effort to force him to confess to the police. But her actions end up triggering a struggle that culminates in a potentially life-threatening syringe needle accident.

Declan and Bridget are not on speaking terms following Josh’s successful plan to split them up. But Declan can barely manage to contain his anger at the situation and causes a scene at the General Store. Later, Josh decides on a way to win Bridget once and for all. What is his plan?

When Callum is caught at school in possession of some racy pictures of women, Toadie and Dan are forced to go and meet Callum’s teacher Kelly to talk about how to handle the delicate situation. Kelly instantly jumps to the conclusion that Dan and Toadie are a couple. But that’s nothing compared to Toadie’s shock when he finds out the identity of the women in Callum’s pictures. It’s Nicola…