Nicola’s life is on the line in Emmerdale

After being saved from a burning building and given the all-clear in hospital, Nicola later collapses at home

Having been rescued from the burning building by Dan and Ronnie, in hospital, Nicola is given the all-clear. But later, at home, Nicola collapses! Horrified Jimmy finds his wife out cold and calls an ambulance…

Meanwhile, secret arsonist Rakesh is trying to hide his panic. Knowing people have been hurt in the fire he caused, he’s wracked with guilt. But, needing the cash he stands to recoup from the fire on the development, Rakesh must forge on with his plan to try to get a payout to avoid losing everything. He’s relieved when the police officer sent to investigate the incident turns out to be a friend of his, and also when he realises Nicola didn’t see him inside Mill Cottage before he started the fire. But everything hinges on the insurers… Will the insurance company find fault in Rakesh’s dodgy claim?

In hospital, Lawrence is unaware Andy is looking on when he holds Ronnie’s hand and apologises to his unconscious ex for being so cruel. What will Lawrence say when Andy later confronts him about it?