Nicola’s lip-synch scam is uncovered

David and Pollard abduct Betty before the choir competition finals, assuming that she’s the chorister with the fabulous voice. Nicola thinks fast and forces Val to mime in Betty’s place for Gennie. David and Pollard are horrified that they’ve removed the wrong singer, but things soon go wrong when Val has a coughing fit as Gennie’s voice continues and Pollard leads the audience in boos.

Nicola begs for a second chance on condition that Gennie will step out of the shadows. Nicola makes a plea to save the church and a huge cheer goes up when Gennie takes the stage. David is furious and tells the choir about Nicola’s original scheming, then dumps her. Nicola is left with no mates and no boyfriend!

Rodney fails to convince Lily to tell Edna about her operation as she prepares to go into theatre. Lily is terrified when the doctor tells her about the procedure and manages to escape Rodney and do a runner! Rodney is forced to phone Edna to see if she has seen Lily and he tells her about Lily’s operation. Edna confronts Lily, who breaks down, and convinces her to return to hospital and go ahead with the op.