Nicola’s luck finally runs out

The Parkers are at breaking point with Steve close to death and Nicola on the run. While Bridget and Miranda know that Nicola poisoned Steve, they know they have to find hard evidence to convict her. Luckily, Bridget locates the contaminated food container. Meanwhile, Nicola returns to the house for Bronte and Miranda traps her into a confession.

Determined not to be turned over to the fast approaching police, Nicola knocks Miranda to the floor and makes a run for it. Luckily, the police arrive just in time and catch her. Later at the hospital, Miranda is thrilled when Steve gives her hand a squeeze.

Ty is still not coping well with his injured wrist and the prospect that he may never play guitar again. Worried, Rachel tries to cheer him up and puts pressure on Ringo to apologise. Ringo attempts to say sorry but sounds flippant and insincere causing Ty to take offence. Donna’s advice prompts Ringo to revive his band in an effort to cheer Ty up. But the well-intentioned stunt goes down like a lead balloon.

Also, Donna continues to misguidedly attempt to plan Elle’s surprise party.

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