Rodney has a go at Terry for showing Diane the book and he throws it in the bin to prevent more trouble. Nicola spots the manuscript and retrieves it when he’s out of the room. Nicola needs another story for the publisher and she decides to act as peacemaker between Rodney and Diane, but Diane notices the Rollercoaster Rod story in Nicola’s bag and an argument ensues. Rodney decides enough is enough and burns the manuscript in the fire and Nicola is horrified.

Viv decides she wants to have a mock trial to boost her confidence and she gathers together some villagers in the cafe with Doug acting as judge. Betty plays prosecutor and rips into Viv, who blurts out the truth about her kissing Freddie. Viv is shocked when the ‘jurors’ reveal their verdict to the ‘judge’ and she is deemed guilty.

Pearl pops round to see Edna to sneak a peek at Edna’s quilt. She gets Edna out of the house by insisting on having some biscuits and turns the house upside down to find the quilt. Pearl does a runner, but Edna catches her red-handed and the two quilters declare war!

Also, Shadrach asks Gennie over to the Dingles for dinner.