Nicola’s pregnant!

Lexi thinks Nicola was putting on a sobbing act and tells Laurel her frustrations. Later, Nicola bursts into tears in front of Laurel and confesses she thinks she’s pregnant. Laurel forces Nicola to take a pregnancy test and it’s confirmed – she’s having Jimmy’s baby. Nicola prepares to tell Jimmy the news, but when Jimmy insults her in The Woolpack she decides to deal with the baby on her own.

Lexi also has babies on her mind and tells Carl that she wants to try for one. Carl insists that the business is not stable enough to provide for a family and an upset Lexi flees, fearing that Carl will never want children. Carl later apologises and tells her he does want children, but he wants them to have some fun first.

Terry tells Bob that Brenda is ignoring him because he asked her to move in with him. Bob decides to speak with Brenda and he offers to move into the flat with Jamie and the twins so that she can have her chance of happiness with Terry. Brenda realises that she’s been a fool and she apologises to a delighted Terry and asks if she can still move in with him.

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