Nicola’s sob stories seduce Rodney

Rodney has a heart-to-heart with Nicola and she gets choked up as she talks about her late husband. Rodney is shocked when he sees Mr De Souza’s war medal and realises that he must have been in his seventies at the very least! Paul is angry with Rodney for being taken in by Nicola’s sob stories.

Matthew reassures Jimmy as they discuss the tragedy of the preceding day and they’re stunned by Carl’s actions.

Jack is in a foul mood and he snaps at Daz when Daz brings up Brighton. Val makes an appearance at the house and she tells Jack that he needs to go to Brighton and fight for his marriage. Jack has a change of heart and vows to bring Diane home.

Also, Jasmine is jealous of David’s fascination with Nicola; Doug refuses to leave with Hilary after another row.