Even after she’s arrested, Nicola continues to let her big mouth get her into trouble by giving the police a hard time… She’s quickly silenced, though, when she’s told she faces six months in prison. Jimmy takes the devastated Nicola back to Emmerdale. Bob is horrified when he hears Nicola could go to jail but Viv thinks it’s what she deserves. Will Nicola be one of the growing number of Emmerdale women who have been behind bars?

It seems Nicola’s cloud has a silver lining for Laurel… Worried for her friend, Laurel has been at the police station, ready to offer support. She gets home tired and finds that Ashley has prepared a romantic meal. It seems that the husband she thought she had lost is back as he holds Laurel in a way he hasn’t done for a long, long time (since psycho Sally, but we don’t want to bring her into it and ruin the moment)…

Meanwhile, Marlon is a man completely out of his depth… Put him in the kitchen with his pots and pans and he’s in his element. Put him in front of a woman he fancies, such as Rhona, and he flaps like a panicked bird. Is there a future for them?

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