Nicole and Geoff struggle with the stranger

Geoff and Nicole are still stranded with the stranger on the island. When he goes to the toilet, Nicole runs and hides. The man returns, brandishing a knife. He and Geoff fight, and the man gets cut. Geoff and Nicole discover their boat’s gone but, luckily, Roman and Hugo come looking for them. While getting checked out at the hospital, Nicole is distant towards Geoff.

Miles sees Kirsty tutoring Trey and asks Bartlett whether Kirsty is qualified. Bartlett replies it’s a private arrangement and all above board. Kirsty finds out about Miles’s disapproval and they argue. Later Miles apologises, but another argument erupts and Kirsty says the only mistake she made was being with him.

Roman asks Leah who she’s taking to the cookery class he bought her. Leah is about to tell him she hasn’t asked anyone yet, but is interrupted by a customer. Leah tells Irene she was thinking of asking Roman but isn’t sure. Irene tells her to make up her mind. Roman arrives at the Diner to find George and Leah on their way to the class. Leah is awkward at being seen with another man and Roman feels a pang of disappointment at seeing her with someone else.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday April 2*

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