Nicole, unable to concentrate on study, is walking on the beach when she runs into Liam and they get talking. She’s starting to like Liam, and the feeling is mutual. Geoff confronts Liam, warning him not to hurt Nicole. Liam admits he wasn’t a nice guy for a long time, but he’s learnt the hard way. As they walk home along the beach that night, Nicole and Liam kiss.

Rachel manages to resuscitate Harry, and they rush him to the hospital. Tony is distraught over what’s happening to his family – he knows Rachel needs help, but she refuses to listen or accept any. When they finally receive the news that Harry hasn’t suffered any brain damage, Rachel still won’t admit she has a problem. She eventually admits she does and that they’re going to try and move forward together.

Miles confides in Alf he is upset about Kirsty’s reluctance to get married. Alf advises that if it’s important to him he should pursue it. Meanwhile Kirsty talks to Irene and doesn’t see the significance in marriage. Only when she helps an elderly lady find her wedding ring does she change her mind. She meets up with Miles ready to compromise but he cuts her off – he’s happy as they are.

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