Nicole finds Aden with Indigo

Concerned about Aden’s heavy drinking since Belle’s death, Indigo seeks him out at the Surf Club and follows him to the Townhouse to keep an eye on him. However, feeling in need of cheering up herself, she then decides to join him for a drink or two. When Nicole arrives, she immediately assumes the worst, and lays into Indigo for – as she sees it – trying to take advantage of a drunk and vulnerable Aden.

Rachel and Tony are still struggling with the disappearance of baby. The police are called when Rachel turns up at Jane’s house in the middle of the night, convinced that Jane has the baby. The next day, she’s approached in town by a woman who’s under the impression Rachel rented a studio from her. Rachel has no idea what she’s talking about, but then twigs that this could be where Jane has Harry. Rachel heads over to the studio with the police – and finds Jane and baby Harry.

Hugo is still furious with Angelo for arresting him and when he discovers the police are going to raid the trawler, he hurries down to the jetty, where he manages to get Aden away from the trawler just before Angelo arrives.

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