Still grounded after lending Melody her phone, Nicole is caught by Roman on her way back from a swim. Angry Roman bans Nicole from attending The Diner’s grand opening party. But rebellious Nicole decides to throw her own party instead. But just as Nicole assures Aden she has everything under control, a flood of gatecrashers turn up.

Meanwhile, Geoff begins to wonder if it might be better for him and Melody to just give up on their relationship. But Melody is having no such doubts, and decides to sneak out and go to Nicole’s party after hearing Geoff will be there. But feeling it’s too risky for both of them, Geoff goes to The Den’s grand opening instead, leaving Melody waiting for him to arrive.

With Irene away, Leah is fretting about the grand opening night at The Diner and The Den. And her fears seem to be well founded. While things are going well at The Diner, the few guests who show up at The Den are mysteriously leaving…

Martha is freaking out at her positive pregnancy test. Rachel suspects something is up and confronts her. Martha confesses she’s worried the baby could be Roman’s.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday July 14*