Nicole has a realisation

Nicole and Indi prepare for the open day at uni. Nicole is starting to feel uncomfortable about being a pregnant girl around all the carefree students. At the university, the two girls have vastly different experiences. Indi has a great time but Nicole has no fun at all. At a student party, Nicole feels even more out of place than ever. She goes home upset, and decides she will definitely give Marilyn the baby so she can return to a normal life.

Marilyn, however, thinks that Nicole is having second thoughts about giving her the baby. At Morag’s suggestion, Marilyn starts looking into other options for having a child. Marilyn and Sid start discussing other options and Sid seems more open to the idea. But when they tell Nicole this she yells at them, exasperated at the situation she’s in.

Alf is getting really riled by John and isn’t prepared to back down over control of the Surf Club. The men clash over the direction the Surf Club should take, with Alf fighting for a more traditional approach and John wanting to bring the club into the 21st century. They’re equally stubborn. What will it take for one of them to back down?

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