Nicole has a run-in with Kirsty

Kirsty is riddled with nerves at the prospect of starting her new job as a school secretary. After accidentally spilling coffee over herself at The Diner, she finally arrives to work. But things go wrong again when Bartlett gives her an important document to format and email, and she accidentally deletes it.

Miles suggests asking Jai for help and she is relieved when his instructions work. Later, Kirsty is taken by surprise when Bartlett compliments her on a great first day and even asks her to come and be a supervisor on the school camp.

With Aden spending all his time with Belle, lonely Nicole offers to help Geoff when he is forced into a lunch date. When the girl, Elle arrives, she finds Nicole draped all over Geoff. But when Elle angrily confronts her, they nearly end up in a cat fight. Kirsty has to pull them apart leaving an angry Nicole swearing to make her time at the camp a living hell.

After learning that Martha may have breast cancer, Jack tries to convince himself that she will be fine, as they still have to wait for the test results. But Martha is more worried about her baby, and the effects any treatment might have on it.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday September 5*