Nicole is in more trouble

Nicole heads to Aden’s with a hamper as a peace offering. But her good intentions end in disaster when she’s pulled over by Charlie on the way, and a registration check reveals that she has been driving unsupervised on her Learner’s permit. Charlie takes her straight to the Diner to tell Roman, who immediately takes Charlie’s side, much to Nicole’s disbelief.

Later, Charlie and Roman meet for a drink at the Surf Club after work. The pair get on well and end up at Roman’s place, locked in a passionate embrace. When Charlie leaves Roman’s bed later that night, she sees the DNA testing kit that Roman and Martha are using to find out who the baby’s father is. Meanwhile, Nicole is shocked to see Charlie leaving their house…

Ruby tells Ross she was asked to leave school after being caught kissing Pat, the school maintenance man. Later, Charlie is disgusted when Ruby gives Morag a warm welcome, and Ruby wonders if her presence is needed in the Bay to patch up the family problems. She starts to plan her future with Pat and decides to head to Summer Bay High to enrol.

Also, Miles is concerned to discover that Jai has made friends with Axel.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday August 26*

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