Nicole returns to Summer Bay after spending time with her mother, trying to figure out what she is going to do about her child. Nicole apologises to Morag for getting so angry with her, and reveals that she is still leaning towards giving her child to Sid and Marilyn. She goes to talk to them and Marilyn is overwhelmed with happiness.

Leah cannot believe it – having thought there might still be a chance for her and Elijah, now here he is, back from Africa, with a wife and child. She’s still reeling from the shock. Miles goes to see her after the surprise meeting with Elijah and Leah is furious that Miles kept the information from her.

He knew how excited she was about him coming home and he didn’t warn her. Irene talks things over with Leah and tries to help Leah get some clarity. She says she reckons Leah is entitled to the truth. Elijah agrees that he and Leah need to talk, but when he later tries to explain the situation to her, he doesn’t leave her any the wiser. As mutual frustration grows between them, Elijah kisses Leah. Furious, Leah then kicks him out of her house.

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