Ruby apologises to Liam who’s concerned that Xavier’s mudslinging will harm his reputation. Nicole tells Ruby she can see Xavier’s point – Ruby spends a lot of time with Liam and she’s not completely convinced Ruby doesn’t fancy him. Liam also confides in Nicole, revealing that no-one has inspired him to write, or return to the recording industry, more than Ruby. It’s a partnership he doesn’t want jeopardised.

Nicole gets the wrong end of the stick and reveals that Ruby has a crush on Liam. Liam is shocked and scarpers when Ruby shows up. Xavier spots Liam later and angrily asks him to tell Ruby they’re over.

Miles milks Marilyn and Alf’s fake engagement for all it’s worth, and Alf’s patience is wearing thin. Irene gets wind of it from Colleen and seeks answers from Alf, who sets her straight. Marilyn goes to Colleen with the intention of confessing, but when Colleen is rude and patronising, Marilyn declares that she and Alf aren’t engaged, they’re already married!

Killer, one of the thugs after Hugo, watches the farm. He has weapons and pictures of Hugo, Xavier, Gina and Martha. He checks into the caravan park and Miles is unnerved. Xavier, brooding over his troubles, walks alone, with Killer hot on his heels.

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