Despite Irene’s scepticism, Geoff is pleasantly surprised when Nicole arrives at church, before inviting herself to watch him play football. Meanwhile, Melody inadvertently gives Nicole more ammunition in her quest for Geoff when she mentions their first kiss was awkward. Nicole later offers Geoff some kissing lessons, but will he fall for it?

Worried about Viv’s big baby decision, Ric is having trouble sleeping. Frustrated, he pays Viv a visit, ignoring Matilda’s warning that Noel won’t be happy to see him. But when Viv doesn’t answer his calls, he assumes she must have gone ahead with the termination.

But Ric and Matilda are stunned when they later receive a call from Noel giving them an ultimatum. The unborn baby is in Ric’s hands. If he fights, Viv can do what she wants, if he refuses, Noel will use his influence to sway his wife’s decision.

Morag reflects on a disastrous night where she not only ruined her chances with Ross, but also shut Martha out of her life and upset Colleen. Alf tries to sort things out and points out that Morag needs to consider how she treats people. Proud Morag is not ready to admit she’s wrong, but it seems her brother may have given her food for thought.

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