Nicole ruffles a few feathers

Irene and Leah pump Roman for information on his daughter Nicole, but are disappointed when Roman reveals only the bare facts. He tells them that Nicole’s mum’s parents didn’t approve of Roman, so sent her away before Nicole was born, meaning that it is only now that Roman and Nicole are starting to get to know each other.

Meanwhile, Nicole’s first day in Summer Bay sees her rub Irene up the wrong way, before she impresses Annie with her energy and confidence. Geoff is also enamoured by Nicole and ends up reduced to a gibbering mess in her presence. Jealous of Nicole’s interest in Geoff, Aden warns him to steer clear of her. Later, Aden tries to make a move on Nicole but she reacts strangely, leaving him wondering if he’s somehow crossed the line with her.

Jack and Martha are revelling in their newfound happiness together. But worried that their friends and family might think they reconciled too soon after Sam’s death, they decide to keep their love a secret. However, their plan goes wrong when Alf sees them kissing.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday June 3*

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