Frustrated that Geoff isn’t interested in her, Nicole bets Aden two hundred dollars that she can get Geoff into bed in two weeks. Convinced she won’t win, Aden accepts the offer. Nicole tries her best to win Geoff round, ‘accidentally’ losing her bikini top in the ocean, although she is unfortunately spotted by Colleen, who informs Roman and Irene.

Geoff fails to take the bait, and Nicole embarks on a more underhanded method. She offers a bundle of clothes she doesn’t want to Annie, who can hardly believe her luck. Her plan works and Geoff is totally taken in by Nicole’s act of kindness.

Morag is uncharacteristically excited about her dinner date with Ross Buckton. When nosy Colleen discovers that Morag has booked a table at the Diner for a romantic evening, she offers to work the night shift, but Irene demands she stay away. Colleen ignores her and turns up as a customer. Meanwhile, just as Morag is about to leave, Jack and Martha arrive at her door, determined to make her listen.

Although Leah disapproves of Miles’ picnic date with Jazz, Miles is pleased with the way things went. Meanwhile, Jazz is convinced she’s found Mr Right.

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