Nicole still has eyes for Sid

Nicole’s calls and texts to Sid go unanswered. Her temper is becoming more noticeable every day. She confronts Sid and he tells her again that he wants nothing to do with her. But his eyes stray to her skimpy bikini and she notices. When Sid arrives home, he finds Nicole swimming in his pool. Just then Annie arrives to talk about Dexter. Will Nicole and Sid get busted?

Romeo’s arrival excites one person in particular: his ‘little brother’ Jai. While not actually related, they bonded in the foster home. Romeo meets Nicole, who is down and unresponsive to his charms, but he’s still taken by all the different women in the Bay. When Jai reveals he’s miserable over his ex, Romeo promises to help. Later, when Jai points out Annie, Romeo is thrown. Is the one girl he likes Jai’s ex?

Tony arrives home and the atmosphere is tense. He offers to bath Harry, but Rachel is once again over-protective. Tony sees Andy nursing Harry – something Rachel won’t let him do. He becomes angry and tells her he feels shut out. They can’t reach an understanding and she leaves. When she returns later, they agree to both make more of an effort.

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