Nicole struggles to keep Belle’s secret

Nicole can’t believe that Belle is dying of a stomach tumour and hasn’t told Aden. She refuses to be Best Man and tells Belle she must be honest with her fiance. Aden’s upset that Nicole has pulled out and asks her why, but Nicole keeps Belle’s secret. Later Nicole discovers an unconscious Belle and rushes her to hospital. Belle is stabilised, but told she needs to spend the night there. She refuses – she needs to get married tomorrow.

Amanda and Ryan arrive for the wedding. They organise some drinks, but when Belle doesn’t show up, everyone’s worried. When Nicole arrives to tell them Belle isn’t coming, Aden senses something isn’t right and Nicole cracks, telling Aden the truth about Belle’s illness.

Aden is devastated to hear the truth from Nicole. He goes to the hospital to get an explanation. When he arrives, Belle tries to reason with him, but he won’t listen and leaves. Belle checks herself out against Dr Young’s orders and goes to see Aden.

Belle doesn’t have her key and Aden refuses to let her in the house. He simply refuses to see her, unable to face the fact the love of his life is dying, and he had to hear it from someone else.