Nicole struggles with Sid being back

Nicole is stunned at seeing Sid. He apologises for turning up without telling her and thinks they should talk. She says there’s no need. Indi is suspicious of Nicole, but they eventually bury the hatchet. Sid is renting the farmhouse from Alf, but Dex and Indi aren’t keen on living outside of town.

Jill has gone eight days without a drink and Romeo is proud of her. She’s considering AA, but isn’t sure. Romeo is still trying to get Gina and John back together, to keep John away from Jill. Gina takes his advice and has a drink with John. She assures him she won’t run hot and cold on him anymore. When Jill finally sees John, he tells her he’s not interested. She’s crushed, and even more so when she discovers Romeo’s plot.

Lijuan and Song return from their holiday, full of gifts and wedding ideas for Leah. Lijuan also has a tradition she wants Leah and Elijah to take part in. It involves placing a piece of paper on a ceremonial altar for three days, and if no bad omens occur, their marriage can go ahead. Leah stresses about it – anything could be considered a bad omen! Elijah assures her it’ll all be fine.

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