Nicole admits to Aden that she doesn’t love Liam. She goes to the formal, with Miles as her ‘date’. Stung by Nicole, Liam bumps into Poppie Merrin and agrees to give her guitar lessons. Aden sees Liam with Poppie, who ends up cracking onto Liam.

Aden goes to the formal with Catie Merrin. He dances with Nicole but then has a flashback to dancing with Belle and leaves. Liam eventually turns up at the formal. At home, Liam sees lipstick on a glass left by Poppie and cleans it. Did something go on between them? Aden feels he has betrayed Belle.

Alf tries to be supportive to Miles but Miles feels he’s hit rock bottom. Miles is glum at the formal but Leah cheers him up.

Martha, Hugo and Bambang are all getting along well – the business with Suzy seems to be behind them. But Hugo gets a shock when Suzy returns, saying she wants Hugo to return to Indonesia. Martha senses Hugo is distressed but doesn’t know why.

Later, Bambang can’t find his teddy bear and Hugo looks for it. At Jack’s house, Hugo sees a photo of Jack and Martha, which gets him thinking. Martha then discovers an engagement ring. Is Hugo going to propose?

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