Nicole tries to reconnect with Sid but he avoids her. She’s upset no one has remembered her 18th birthday, which is made worse by Brendan’s party. Dexter hears a sexy phone message for Sid and is upset. He complains about it to Indi, and Nicole overhears.

Sid admits to Miles he doesn’t know what he’s doing with his kids. Miles tells him something is going on with Nicole, but doesn’t reveal the extent of her infatuation. Sid apologises to his kids and tells Nicole that people do care about her. Nicole misinterprets this and throws herself at him and he knocks her back.

Hugo and Martha are hosting a 21st birthday party for Brendan. He keeps referring to a man called ‘Ted’ but Gina says it’s no one. Gina is delighted that Hugo and Martha are together.

Xavier is jealous of Geoff and when he picks Ruby up for the party and sees Geoff doing up her dress. Xavier and Ruby fight and Ruby forgoes the party. Geoff stays home with her.

Angelo is trying to get Gibbsy to talk. Angelo visits his superior, Bill Stevens, who is impatient for results on a mystery mission Angelo is on. Angelo tells Gibbsy that he wants to know everything about Hugo Austin.

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